Natalie Myshkina

Head of Strategy 

Natalie Myshkina is the Head of Strategy at Leumi. Ms. Myshkina joined Leumi in 2014.

Prior to joining Leumi, Ms. Myshkina was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company where she was a part of the financial practice and completed multiple projects for leading companies in the financial, energy and public sectors. Prior to that, Natalie was Head of the Credit Risk Management and Debt Collection Division, as well as Head of the Business Processes Division for Societe General Group Bank.

Natalie earned an MBA from INSEAD and Wharton Business School and a master’s degree in computer engineering from Belarusian Polytechnic University. Myshkina also pursues a number of community service projects to further her professional and personal interests. This includes serving on the Advisory Board of Reach the World, a nonprofit that broadens children’s horizons by digitally connecting classrooms to travelers across the globe.