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After a few weeks off, welcome to the latest edition of Leumi’s Weekly Reading List.  I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and out of harm’s way.   

On the June 26th writing of this piece, the first article I linked to discussed the accelerating number of COVID-19 cases in many parts of the U.S.  Despite that trend continuing, the stock market has steadily risen over the past few weeks.  Michael Zaremsky, Leumi’s Head of U.S. Private Banking, offers his opinion on why there seems to be a disconnect between the headlines we see in the news and the strength of the market in this interview with Zev Brenner.   

As always, I found the articles below to be interesting, helpful, or entertaining.

Mortgage Rates Fall to Another Record Low – This episode of the WSJ Your Money Briefing podcast discusses current mortgage rates, what may be to come, and the state of the housing market.  

JPM Sees A Cash Flood Driving Stocks to RecordsThe Wealth Advisor examines JP Morgan’s view on how cash currently on the sidelines could lead to more support for a rising stock market.  

How Big Tech Makes Their Billions – The Visual Capitalist provides an interesting breakdown and comparison of the revenue streams of five of the largest U.S. tech companies.    

Blank Check Mergers Are Becoming a Lot More CommonMorning Brew explains the increasing popularity of special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC), also known as “blank check companies.”

21 Summer Cocktails to Help You Cool Off – With bars and restaurants still operating at reduced capacities (or closed altogether), Food & Wine provides recipes for 21 summer cocktails one can make at home.  

I hope you enjoy!

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