Deposit Account Terms and Fees

Change in Terms Notification

The fees associated with your deposit account are changing on March 4, 2019. Below is an Important Notice and Change in Terms ( “Notice”)  that highlights the changes that will become effective on that date. On and after March 4, 2019, the new terms described in the Notice will amend and replace our current deposit account fee schedules and will apply to your account.

Important Notice and Change in Terms

Account Terms and Fees

Account Agreement and Privacy Notice, Account Receipts, and Fee Schedules (effective September 15, 2018)

The Account Agreement and Privacy Notice (“Account Agreement”) contains important legal information, disclosures, and terms you should know about your accounts and relationship with Bank Leumi USA (“Bank Leumi”). Additionally, Account Receipts and Fee Schedules provide specific terms and fees that apply to Bank Leumi’s money market, checking, and time deposit accounts.

Please note that the Fee Schedule for commercial analysis accounts is not available for online viewing. You may contact your Bank Leumi representative for more details.

Other Account-Related Agreements

Please see below for other agreements that may govern your account and relationship with Bank Leumi.

Bank Leumi Electronic Banking Agreement

Previous Account Disclosures and Change in Terms Notification

Below is a previous account disclosure that expired on September 14, 2018.

Bank Leumi USA Client Manual (eff. Dec. 27, 2017)

To see what changes we made to the previous account disclosure, please click below.

Bank Leumi USA Important Notice and Change in Terms